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Artist of the Week – Silvia Baldeva

November 22, 2010 by · 8 comments

Interview by Nina Pandeva with the artist Silvia Baldeva
Translation by Asya Draganova

Silvia Baldeva: “It doesn’t matter if it is realistic or abstract art: there should be an echo.”

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The palette of talents and activities of the artist Silvia Baldeva is diverse: Drawings, pictures, illustrations, stylist works, decorations.

She had her first exhibition in Paris in March, 2010 in the gallery “Acre Neuf.” It was followed by a presentation of her watercolour works and drawings in the show room “Sofa shop.”

Silvia Baldeva was born on 8th July 1967 in Plovdiv but she has been living and working in Paris. She is daughter of the well-known artist Alexander Baldev, so she has been interested in the arts from a very early age.

Initially, she graduated with a degree in “Plastic arts” in the University Paris 8 and then moved to “Graphics” which she practised for 6 years. Later on, along with the “Graphics” course, she continued her education in Le Sorbonne and also in a school for fashion design. She has worked as a stylist in an agency for tendencies and as a decorator for various events in cooperation with the company “Raine Markets.”

As an illustrator she uses diverse techniques and works with different clients such as “National Park Cervus,” musical and sports editions, and the cover pages of “Kanson” in America and Canada. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and annual presentations.

1991 and 1992 – “Autumn saloon” in Paris
2007 – Exhibition in the church “Madeleine” in Paris
2008 – International exhibition organised in Plovdiv

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Where do you find inspiration?

I express what I feel and I see. My work is intuitive.

You use different techniques. Why and when?

I love change: to do various things and to experiment. For example I started drawings with oil recently. This is a technique reminiscent of watercolours; therefore, I don’t have the luxury of making any mistakes and the technique has been worked on for a long time. At the same time every job feeds the other.

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Your works present the woman. Why?

I can’t say why. I don’t draw topics. It must be a human being and there has to be emotion and feeling coming out of a work. Maybe this all just transforms into a female image or female body on the canvas. It is not accidental that the exhibition is called “Souls in Bodies.”

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What are your references in art?

There are a lot. Above all it has to move me in some way. It can be only one work that has impressed me. Doesn’t matter if it is realistic or abstract art: there should be an echo. But if I have to quote a name it would be Picasso – for me he is a genius. When it comes to design and decoration, I love clear lines, the aesthetic side and a well-balanced harmony.

As you have mentioned the topic already I thought I should bring up your design and decorative work. What do they mean to you?

They are different from my drawings in the fact that they are conceptual. Drawings are more of an intimate and emotional process. But I like change and reject monotony.

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And from all your activities which one do you love the most?

All of them. I need them for my emotional balance.

What do you love doing in Paris?

Everything related to art: exhibitions, cinema, theatre, concerts, literature.

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Do you miss Bulgaria and why?

Of course! The family, the friends, the city. At the moment in Paris I find people closed within themselves and estranged and I feel the need of Bulgarian warmth more and more. It was such a joy that some friends from Bulgaria managed to visit during the exhibition.

What are your wishes, dreams and plans for the future?

I am expecting and accepting all propositions! Recently I did a portrait for a private client using digital design which turned out to be a positive experiment. I hope to keep on drawing and exhibiting. I am preparing a presentation for a larger amount of my diverse works in May in the show room “Sofa Shop” again.

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