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Artist of the Week – Taymaz Valley

March 7, 2011 by · 1 comment

Interview by Violeta Petkova with Taymaz Valley

Taymaz Valley

Taymaz Valley:”Art in any form or medium is expression of thoughts and ideas, and I do believe no matter where you are from you can appreciate a work of beauty.”

Your photos are amazing. It is easy to see that every single one of them has its own spirit. How does everything begin and what is the path that leads to the final result?

Photography has become my favorite medium because of the fact that I sometimes set out to find a subject and on other times come by them by chance. I cannot prepare myself for what inspires me and what might be a good enough photograph.

Girl with birds
Photo: Taymaz Valley

When I bring my camera home and start going through the photos, it becomes apparent that some photographs are too good and have to be worked on. I use the usual techniques, as well as try new ways of enhancing each photograph and maybe that is the reason they all have their own spirit, but I hope they have a unity as a collective that portray my imagination.

Your work includes different kinds of art. How do you connect all the elements and how do you make your photos look so great?

Studying History of Art, I have come to the conclusion that the past has had a tremendous effect on my work. I take notice of things that remind me of historical works and events.

Photo: Taymaz Valley

I believe beauty has a way of reminding one unconsciously of other unprecedented beautiful objects and one cannot help but to capture it for enjoyment.

”I’ve never believed in God, but I believe in Picasso.”, says the Mexican painter Diego Rivera. What do you believe in?

I don’t believe in Picasso but I believe in the Art of Picasso. I understand fully the need to make heroes of people we admire, however if we look closer we will see that it is not them that we admired but what they did or what they said.

I've seen the Eternal Footman
Photo: Taymaz Valley

I do not believe in God but I believe in the Art that was inspired by the idea of God. Ideas are important, they separate us from all the other beings on this planet. I hope tomorrow I am judged by my work and not by what I believed in, because the man I am is flawed, at times broken, insecure but a dreamer, and made mistakes in his life that I hope people will avoid in the future.

Did you came across art, or did it come to you? How did you two get so close?

I took art lessons at school; however it was university that I found Art again. At every university, at the beginning of the year, posters are sold for your student flats and they range from Bob Marley to Pulp Fiction. I picked Monet’s Water Lilies and Van Gogh’s Night Cafe, because I found them captivating.

Photo: Taymaz Valley

I looked at those paintings for months on end, and decided to learn about the artists who made them and their other work. And so began my obsession with art. After my Undergraduate years, I picked History of Art and studied it from the start. So you might say Art found me and brought me closer to the person I am at ease with.

Where is hidden the power of the image, is it in its emotions or in its beauty?

In both. Beauty affects a person unconsciously and that affects the person’s consciousness emotionally. I have seen people cry on seeing a beautiful piece of art and that makes me believe in the power of Art.

Red door
Photo: Taymaz Valley

If you manage to make a person feel with your artwork, then you have succeeded in communicating your ideas as an artist and indeed as a human being.

How do you get inspired?

I am inspired by what I see, read, or hear and what makes me feel.

Photo: Taymaz Valley

You cannot pin point inspiration, it comes from something deep within us, something that we do share with others; therefore you can say that it is universal. How we communicate these inspirations is what makes us individuals.

What are your future professional plans?

At the moment I am in the process of writing my PhD proposal in relationship between Art and Music; however my passion is Art and Photography and I hope to carry on putting on exhibitions of my work, because I have something to say and the only way I prefer to say it is through my Art.

Photo: Taymaz Valley

What do you know about Bulgaria? Came across any kind of Bulgarian culture?

I am a fan of Bulgarian literature and especially their music. I am yet to travel to Bulgaria but from what I’ve heard it is a beautiful country with stunning architecture and I hope to visit this great nation soon.

My House
Photo: Taymaz Valley

Do you think that the language of art is so universal and reaches everyone who is craving for soul food?

Art in any form or medium is expression of thoughts and ideas, and I do believe no matter where you are from you can appreciate a work of beauty.

Vancouver skies
Photo: Taymaz Valley

We are all linked as human beings by our ability to feel and think rationally, so as long as we remember that we are alike more than we are different, humanity and peace has a greater chance of succeeding.

Photo: Taymaz Valley

Photo: Taymaz Valley

My heart soars
Photo: Taymaz Valley

Photo: Taymaz Valley

Photo: Taymaz Valley

Photo: Taymaz Valley

Taymaz Valley is a British Iranian Artist/Photographer/Writer working in London. He has studied History of Art for his Postgraduate time at University and is writing his PhD proposal on Harmonies between Art and Music at the moment. He has exhibited in a number of group exhibitions all over the UK and the World. However he is yet to have a solo exhibition of his own.

Taymaz started his journey into art by just picking up a paintbrush without prior training in drawing or painting eight years ago. Fortunately he has had the freedom to try out different approaches to art and at the moment he is perfecting his photography which he sees as essential in finding one’s own voice within any medium. Valley admires many artists and has wide range of inspiration from Music to Advertising. His aim mainly in his art is to make the viewer feel. Emotions have been a big part of his life and he hopes it to be main part of his work.

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