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Artist of the Week – Valentin Dimitrov

March 8, 2010 by · No comments

An interview with the photographer Valentin Dimitrov by Yana Radilova

Translation by Asya Draganova

You often mention that your passion for photography is inherited from your grandfather. When did you realize that you love taking photographs and this was your vocation?

This was dictated by my visit to Vietnam in 2005. I had the chance to gather impressions from a different world which was something new and which stimulated me to visualize those new moments. Moments of emotion, moments from a way of life in such an exotic country. That emotion indeed, and those cadres made me continue dealing with photography, realizing that it was my future vocation.

In what does photography surpass other types of art?

I would not say that photography surpasses any other types of art but for me, it is the right way to express myself, to describe and deliver my message to people.

What are the most important qualities necessary for a photographer?

Firstly, it is having a particular sense, the determination and the luck to manage to catch an exact moment.

What message are you directing to the audience through your photographs?

I try to reconstitute my fantasy and to show things from my point of view. Then comes the accurate interpretation of my message, which might be different for everyone.

You have visited different countries around the world, to which you have dedicated some of your photographs. Which of those countries inspired you the most?

Yes, your statement is true. However, every country is interesting in its own way, and there are things which can be recreated by the lens everywhere. Like I mentioned already, Vietnam has its special place in my shots.

What techniques do you use in terms of digital processing of your photos?

Because I have previously been into drawing and fine arts, this definitely has a relation to the processing of the photographs I take. I use a lot of programmes and filters for photographs and I try to give freedom to my own fantasy.

Which part of the female body inspires you the most?

As a whole, the female body is a complex structure, and it is very important that one can present it properly. I would not say that there is a particular part which inspires me. Rather than that, it is the ability to interpret it in a beautiful way. That is what the challenge of artistic photography consists of.

Do you have any plans for the future development of your career?

I have a few exhibitions planned, predominantly in Germany, and at the moment my efforts are mainly orientated in that direction. Everything else is the belief in my own abilities, chance and luck.

Where do you draw your creative ideas from?

My ideas are mainly connected with the world surrounding us, however, shown from a different perspective. Every emotional event can give way to an idea.

Who is your favourite Bulgarian/foreign photographer?

One of my favourites is Helmut Newton. He did a lot of simple, but sensual shots.

What is your image outside of photography?

Interesting question. Generally, it is the image of a man who seeks and gets to know new things. He loves to travel and to meet different people. He likes sincere people, who know what they want and what they can achieve!

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