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Natalia Nikolaeva

Natalia Nikolaeva was born on 1/28/1971 in the town of Shoumen, Bulgaria.

In 1994, she graduated from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski with a major in Bulgarian Philology and a minor in German Studies. She also received a Masters degree from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, specializing in International Economic Relations.

Between 1994 and 1996, she worked as a journalist in the first national private radio station Express. For two years, she worked for the controversial radio program “Minutes of Your Discontent.” During this time, she also worked as a private tutor of Bulgarian language and literature, preparing students to take entry exams for SU St. Kliment Ohridski.

Between 1998 and 2000, she worked as a journalist in МИТ (MIT) magazine (now Мениджър (Manager)). In March 2000, she received a six-month scholarship from Hamburg University, where she completed a practicum in Public Relations of the Harbor Administration. Since 2000, she has lived in Hamburg, where she currently studies Economics and is engaged in teaching and journalism.

On October 21, 2006, Natalia Nikolaeva created the multimedia magazine, Public Republic ( and became its Editor-in-Chief.

For the editorial team of Public Republic, Natalia Nikolaeva has attracted well-known members of the Bulgarian cultural elite, including professor Milena Kirova, Boyko Lambovski, Ivailo Dimanov, Georgi Gospodinov, Bozhana Apostolova, Kerana Angelova, Philip Trifonov, Nikolai Gunderov, Vera Baleva, Roza Boianova, Angel G. Angelov, Dimitur Kalev, Albena Popova, Marion Koleva, Julia Iordanova, Dimitur Atanasov, Ivan Kulekov, Sashka Zhurkova, Vania Stancheva, Desislava Lazarova, Katerina Stoykova, Petia Heinrich, Zlatko Enev and others.

In an attempt to popularize and integrate Bulgarian art and culture in Europe, Natalia Nikolaeva also created the electronic magazines (2007) and (2008), published in German. She is the Editor-in-Chief for both publications. On September 14, 2008, Public Republic started with an English edition – Currently, Natalia is working on a new multimedia project – Public Republic Art Studio.

Multimedia magazine Public Republic has generated interest from other electronic media, as well – Radio Horizont (October 2007) and Radio Varna (July 2008) have aired interviews with Natalia Nikolaeva, while а, Balkani Publishing and Literary Gazette have published articles about the project.

Natalie’s contributions: