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Robert Foshee


Robert Foshee has been married — to one woman — for 25 years. He is bald, mostly, but OK with that, because his dad was, too. He has a beard to compensate.

He needs to lose a few pounds, and watch less TV. Otherwise, he is generally pleasant, although he talks about himself to no end.

He comes from a curiously intelligent and healthy family. His mother, who used to write exquisite poetry, is now 99. His dad, who was raised on a farm in central Alabama, became a renowned surgeon and died, without a harsh word for the world, at age 98.

He has four siblings, all without arrest records and surprisingly amicable. Currently Foshee is in the MFA program in Creative Writing (in fiction) at Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky.

He used to dream of making the final 30 pages of the Norton Anthology, but has long since given up that fantasy.

The writer is a native Louisvillian, a graduate of Centre College of Kentucky, and Professor Emeritus of English. He enjoys travel, of course, whenever he can afford it. He appreciates his dog, but isn’t too wild about the family cats.

*Author’s note concerning “Access to Tools”

If you would like to check out the real Whole Earth Catalog referenced in the short story “Access to Tools”, follow this link:

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