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Flat Ironing for Fine Hair

January 16, 2009 by · No comments

Flat Ironing Tips for Fine Hair by Katherine Gulley

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The thinner or finer your hair, the more you need volume. If you perm it for volume and style hold, you can use a flat iron to control frizz and shut down the cuticle.

Always use a thermal protective spray before using any hot tool.  It will aid in keeping your color, and will protect the hair shaft from damage. Redken’s Hot Sets and Spray Starch are the best I have used, because they also have a holding agent.

Divide hair into thin sections of about 1/4 inch.  Comb them smoothly and hold them 90 degrees away from your head. Begin at the scalp and quickly and gently close your flat iron, moving down the hair shafts to one inch from the ends.  Repeat twice.  This prevents lines and creases near the scalp. Then go back to one inch from the scalp and iron the mid-shafts and ends.

Remember you always want volume from the scalp.  Arch the flat iron in a C shape near the scalp and maintain that same movement all the way out the shafts. If you want to  turn the ends up, just finish with a reverse C motion. Don’t drag your hair in a straight downward motion, or it will be limp and straight.

Always let your hair cool completely before combing, brushing or back combing.  Warm hair will lose its style when manipulated.

Hair spray should be applied to all layers of the hair, not just the top.  Spraying only the top makes the hair heavy and collapses the style from within. Hold each section up and spray underneath. The best sprays for fine hair are a fine mist aerosol and have a medium hold.

If you only buy one high quality product, make it your spray.  Cheaper sprays contain lots of alcohol and will dry hair, removing color as well. Pureology’s Inchage hair spray is perfect for fine hair.

Use volumizing shampoos and conditioners; they should include a measure of protein to strengthen the hair. I would recommend Redken’s leave in treatment, Anti-Snap, and also Pureology’s Volumizing Shampoo, Volumizing Conditioner. and Volumizing Gel.

Katherine Gulley is an elite master hair stylist for Macy’s Ecotage Salon and Spa in Lexington, Kentucky

Mrs. Gulley has been in the industry for over twenty years and works with the Kentucky Junior Miss Program and the Miss Kentucky program.

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