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Hari Prasath: Photographs Are The Best Way to Express What We Are

April 26, 2009 by · 6 comments

Mariana Velichkova’s interview with the photographer Hari Prasath

What got you attracted to photography?

Memories… this was the first attraction for me towards photography. Then, the photographs of many experts actually made me think, the memories can be captured in a better way, which eventually gives me a satisfaction of ‘The Memory’ and ‘The Beauty’ combined.

I like any content which are visually appealing and pleasing, and I think photographs are the best way to express what we are. I strongly feel that the character and personality of a person can be judged by the photographs taken by him/her.

The most unusual picture you have taken was of…?

It was a picture of a young boy taken in Rajasthan, India. He was playing a musical instrument and singing outside a temple. When we gave him some money he refused to accept it, saying he is singing only as a hobby and not for money. I would say this a great moment rather than an unusual picture.

What is the goal or pursuit in your photography hobby?

My goals change as I get better and better in that. Regarding photography, I would like to take photographs of the hidden secrets of the world, and the other side of the beauty. By other side I mean the “Living with difficulty” side of the world.

How photography enriches your everyday life?

After taking up this hobby, I started to look at my surroundings in a different manner. Everything looks good and beautiful nowadays.

What are the most fascinating places in your country you would to take pictures of?

When I consider about photography in India, everything is beautiful and a special subject for photography. Every kind of landscape is available here… forests, deserts, snow, seashores, plateaus, architecture, culture… the list goes on…

In India I like to photograph the different cultural aspects of the whole country. You can definitely find many interesting characters here… This is the best place to make your “photographs speak”.

And… one special photograph I would like to take is… “The Hero’s of India” the Army men who are in the country’s border at extreme conditions, sacrificing their lives for the well being of our nation.

What is the message you would like to convey via your pictures?

Truth behind every creation… is the act of the supreme power.

Brief of my bio:

I was born on April 19th, 1983 in Salem- Tamil Nadu in the Southern part of India. I did my schooling and college over there. My parents are living in my native place, and I am working in Gurgaon, in the northern part of India. By profession I am a Mechanical Engineer, and now working with a Medical engineering company.

My hobbies keep growing in my list when I find something interesting to do other than my regular work schedule. I am very much interested in some work which gives me a visual comfort and feel of what I want to express.

I do some ‘movie & sound’ editing, pencil sketching, and now some photography (even though I am just learning the art of photography). And another exciting hobby for me is cooking. I like to experiment with cooking and try different styles of food.

My photographic skills started recently even though I used to take pictures before. I realized the right way to make a good picture lies in understanding ‘what emotion I need to express through the photo?’ That is when my photographs started getting better quality in terms of the capturing the right image.

I always think our brain is a much better processor of the scenarios and the only thing to do is, to bring that into the camera. There are so many beautiful expressions going around us always. We just miss to notice them because of the fast paced schedule and lifestyle we encounter because of our work. Photography is ‘The Best’ hobby one can take to praise the beauty of the nature and start living the life rather than just surviving.

Here is the link to my photostream.

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