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Multimedia Box: Kseniya – giving life to sand

April 12, 2010 by · No comments

Kseniya Simonova is one of the few “sand animators” in the world. The artform is spectacular and fascinating. Skilful fingers give life to a handful of sand to the accompaniment of dramatic music. On a lightboard (to increase visibility and for increase dramatic effect) they draw constantly changing lines and shapes, creating a series of scenes that tells a story.

In 2008, the 25-year-old Ukrainian artist had just lost her business due to the financial crisis. Still, she found courage enough to transform her talent anew. Only a year later, Kseniya would win “Ukraine’s Got Talent”.

Her final performance enchanted both the public and judges. They not only stood up at the end of the show, but also cried. She also became a media phenomenon. The videos of her art gain popularity every day.

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