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Artist of the Week – Beatrix Giouras

22 September, 2014 от · No comments

Interview with the German designer Beatrix Giouras by Dessislava Berndt Translated from German by Dessislava Berndt, Proofreading: Simon Pavlov Who or what is „Zauberwaeldchen“? A few years ago, I formed a dragon with modeling clay. Dragons live in mystical places and are surrounded by strange creatures and plants, in magical forests, where wishes come true. […]

Artist of the Week – Silvia Pavlova

11 October, 2010 от · 2 comments

Interview by Petia Kolencova with the artist Silvia Pavlova Translation from Bulgarian: Yana Radilova Silvia Pavlova: My eyes are eager for colours There is one night when Plovdiv changes and art is scattered on the streets. I mean the traditional art meeting “Night of museums and galleries – Plovdiv”. It was one of these nights […]

Virginia Zdravkova: “One must defend what they have achieved and aim for improvement”

20 February, 2010 от · 3 comments

An interview by Petia Petkova with the fashion designer Virginia Zdravkova Translation by Asya Draganova Virginia Zdravkova is a leading figure in Bulgarian fashion. She is the author of five fashion lines: formal dresses and wedding dresses, jeans, jewellery, shoes, and sunglasses. The successful designer sells her collections in a number of international centres and […]

Fashion Trends 2009

21 January, 2009 от · 2 comments

Katia Delavequia Photo: Lukasz Dunikowski There’s no denying that fashion is part of our daily lives, from simple jeans to dazzling dresses. The Northern Hemisphere may be suffering through winter now, but it’s summer for the Southern Hemisphere–so people all over the world are watching multiple fashion trends. Here’s what’s happening in 2009–enjoy!