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Photo of the Day

June 28, 2013 by · 4 comments

Photo: Ivo Oreshkov

Big Meeting at the Corporate Office

June 27, 2013 by · 3 comments

Donal Mahoney Photo: Ali Leila Images When a young woman like that sails into the conference room, all masts billowing, there’s nothing the men around the table can do except take a breath and wait for her to settle in her chair, open her laptop and fuss for a moment with some errant hair

When My Wife Is in Her Garden

June 25, 2013 by · 2 comments

Donal Mahoney Photo: mbtphoto When my wife is in her garden, she becomes a ballerina moving with the morning breeze through hollyhocks and roses, peonies and phlox. There is music only she can hear. It’s been that way for 30 years. I never interrupt her dance not even when the house caught fire early in […]

Artist of the Week — Kristina Tsenova

June 24, 2013 by · No comments

“Stories are never to be forgotten” Kristina Tsenova Photo: Kristina Tsenova What is your first memory connected with? To define your first conscious memory is like trying to remember what you’ve dreamt about – it slips away. My first memory is not of a particular event; it’s rather fragments of what I’ve experienced – certain […]

Photo of the Day

June 24, 2013 by · 2 comments

Photo: Ivo Oreshkov


June 17, 2013 by · No comments

Stoyanka Grudova Translated by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer Photo: dailyinvention last night i heard the snow as it was saying … i tried to answer it but it interrupted

Photo of the Day

June 17, 2013 by · 3 comments

Photo: Ivo Oreshkov

Photo of the Day

June 12, 2013 by · 1 comment

Photo: Ivo Oreshkov

T-Guardian. La biennale 2013.

June 11, 2013 by · 3 comments

From Here’s a new definition for “art on the move.” The “T-Guardian” sculpture, designed by artists Christoph Luckeneder and Manfred Kielnhofer, currently on a global tour of the world’s museums and exhibition spaces, has made its way to Venice for La Biennale—and it’s showing up in a new spot around the city each day. […]

Waterbugs, Roses and Me

June 7, 2013 by · 2 comments

Donal Mahoney Photo: Sandy Brown Jensen Waterbugs scurry when the light snaps on at midnight in the bathroom the way this woman’s eyes dart when I see her dancing with a nice man but not the right man.

Photo of the Day

June 7, 2013 by · 5 comments

Photo: Ivo Oreshkov

Note to Beloved

June 5, 2013 by · 2 comments

Samantha Seto Photo: jessgrrrr My note travels across the room, past mobs of people, it reaches his hands, before he slips it into trash, My face flushes purple, anger rages, heart pounds. In our timed and untimed arrivals, pulleys to the elevator ascend. Casually late, mail travels over double doors, long-distance calls at airport.

Photo of the Day

June 3, 2013 by · 3 comments

Photo: Ivo Oreshkov

Wild, Rushing River

June 1, 2013 by · 3 comments

Patrick Cornelius Photo: CTBPhotography In the stark damp twilight of December’s brown and grey a woman’s pulse whispers, Come back. She did test you like litmus paper, damned your wrong colored hues. And still her porcelain charity mocks you, bids you, Come back. You stand beyond her tall iron gates, where no lock accepts your […]