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Monday, January 30, 2012

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AnnMarie Rudin Lille, 30-janvier. 12 It was welcoming to return to a familiar setting. There is an element of calm and of order that I am able to appreciate here, which is much different from the dystopia where I spent the weekend. I realized that I am not who I thought I was. There are […]

“Worlds” by Vladimir Zarev – Excerpt I

January 30, 2012 by · 3 comments

Vladimir Zarev. Worlds. Sofia: Five Plus, 2006 Translated by Zlatko Anguelov and Elizabeth Frank Photo: NJ.. 1. [Diana is the main female character in the novel. She was at one time married to Ventzi, an actor with a prestigious theatrical company in Sofia, and they have a daughter. Diana and Ventzi are divorced, but during […]

The Guitar Untouched

January 30, 2012 by · 2 comments

By Mariana Velichkova Photo: derekGavey To E. The guitar untouched stands in the corner filled with unheard music galaxy of notes The guitar untouched stands in the corner dreaming of soft fingers, a heart without knots The guitar untouched stands in the corner Through the open window pierced with rays of hope

Death a Bear

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Donal Mahoney Photo: iwona_kellie Odd the way the very old pick a winter day to fall, break a minor bone, be assigned to bed and death a bear napping out the winter

Look, honey, I love not only you…

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Dimitar Ganev Photo: Wonderlane Look, honey, I love not only you, I love so many other women, so many other girls, that my blood is never calm. Nothing makes them similar except the womanliness. With some of them I have been one year, with others one night, with others I will never be in any […]

Artist of the Week — Güldehen Yoğurtçu

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An Interview with Artist and Photographer Güldehen Yoğurtçu by Jasmina Tacheva You were born in Istanbul but have spent a great deal of your life in Berlin. How did these two magnificent cosmopolitan cities shape your artistic interests and style? What do you like most about the two places and how did you decide to […]


January 20, 2012 by · 2 comments

Dalia Al-Halil Translated by: Yana Radilova Photo: winzor2007 Under the bridge is the street gallery – self-creating and self-sufficient. There is a portrait of Christ. Moist has tried to take over the halo. On the left, a girl with umbrella is depicted. Stretching her hand to see whether it rains, but the rain is only […]

Artist of the Week – Peter Lingbeek

January 17, 2012 by · 4 comments

An Interview with Artist and Photographer Peter Lingbeek by Jasmina Tacheva Photo: Peter Lingbeek Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Peter Lingbeek, I live in Scheemda, in the province of Groningen (the Netherlands). I was born on 03/09/1976 in Veendam and am 35 years old. Photo: Peter Lingbeek I occupy myself […]

The Doors of Heaven

January 16, 2012 by · 1 comment

Roman Kissiov Photo: (cc) fdecomite The sky is dark. The sky is heavy and leaden. The sky is awesome. It is shaken by thunder and lightning. Oh no – just do not think that these thunders and rumble are the natural phenomena already explored by science!… These are the pounding heavy fists of the blessed […]


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Monika Vakarelova Translated by: Yana Radilova Photo: winzor2007 To S.P 1 greasy circles are gazing going around the surface rootless mirrors miasmas hundreds of diluted pupils deep streams spreading dissipating black ropes raised anchors dissolving fingers clinching the earth softening soil no more apples 2 the light bulb in the hall sinks low hanging down […]

Artist of the Week – Sheri L. Wright

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An Interview with Poet and Photographer Sheri L. Wright by Jasmina Tacheva Pushcart Prize nominee, Sheri L. Wright is the author of five books of poetry, including the most recent, The Slow Talk Of Stones. Her works of poetry appear in numerous journals including Out of Line, Chiron Review, Clark Street Review, Earth’s Daughters. She […]

Film Crew

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Sheri L. Wright Photo: “Ladder” by Sheri L. Wright In 1942, NAZI propaganda spun from a reel of film shot in the Warsaw Ghetto, using the least emaciated prisoners as props to divert rumors of The Final Solution. They pose us together, I in my linens and plump cheeks with her, whoever she is – […]

Happy New Year!

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Dear authors, editors and readers of Public Republic, let joy, luck and health mark every day of the new year. Let the days of the new year bring happiness and love to our hearts and homes, and let the power of inspiration follow us on every step of our way! Happy New Year!