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Lexicography of a Pig

January 24, 2014 by · No comments

Dimiter Kenarov Translated from the Bulgarian by Dimiter Kenarov Photo: Dave Kleinschmidt Neck legs skin stomach liver kidneys heart lard bristle intestines: a dictionary we cut into pieces on the table, chew on its words, clueless about their bloody etymology. The tongue only knows what is sweet, the eye enjoys the shape of the dish, […]


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Ivo Rafailov Translated from the Bulgarian by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer Photo: János Balázs I hang out, smoke and drink coffee before I shower. On the white curtain in the window a giant fly makes me look at it again.

Noah, the Carrier

January 21, 2014 by · 1 comment

Kristin Dimitrova Translated from the Bulgarian by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer Photo: Andreas Schauer-Villanueva Noah told it differently. To the Jewish delegation he said that he freed the pigeon and it brought back a branch. The pigeon is the white herald of joy. It is the pure soul of the innocent and foretells the beginning of a […]

The Season of Delicate Hunger

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The Season of Delicate Hunger is a 334-page collection of contemporary Bulgarian poetry, containing 197 translations of works by 32 Bulgarian authors. All of these authors are alive, writing and actively participating in the Bulgarian poetry scene. They represent a diversity of talent, ranging in age from 72 to 21, with each at a unique […]


January 17, 2014 by · 2 comments

Sabina Karleva Translated from Bulgarian by Bozhil Hristov Photo: Untitled blue today I confess my contempt of death. you can chain me to the bedside you can give me a golden goblet you can pour salty water into a silver vessel and summon the slaves who gather oranges in the garden to come, to deck […]

Meet a Bulgarian Poet: Kristin Dimitrova

January 7, 2014 by · 1 comment

Katerina Stoykova-Klemer As part of a new feature, Accents is proud to spotlight the Bulgarian-language poets of The Season of Delicate Hunger. Our first is Kristin Dimitrova. Kristin Dimitrova was born on May 19th, 1963 in Sofia. She is the author of 10 books of poetry, most recently The Garden of Expectations and the Opposite […]

Things are well and going good

January 6, 2014 by · No comments

Timothy Pilgrim Photo: Corey Leopold Actually, not true. Life has turned into a fraudulent adverb faking its way to death, disguised as a successful modifier, say, an adjective or gangly participle with a whole covey of obedient followers. As for going good, the well is — how to put it — also a lie,