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Artist of the Week – Seven

August 7, 2019 by · No comments

Interview with the Swiss singer Seven by Dessislava Berndt
Translated from German: Dessislava Berndt,
Proofreading: Polina Georgieva

In our column “Artist of the Week” we are following with great interest the musical way of artists, which we have “discovered” for you.

Seven is one of those artists who is known mainly in the German-speaking countries. In 2016 he took part in the TV show “Sing my song” in 2016 where he impressed the audience with interpretations of known German singers like Samy de Luxe, Nena and BAP.

This was followed by numerous appearances in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, as well as by the albums “Best Of 2002-2016” and “4COLORS”. And in 2017, the visitors and fans of the International Jazz Festival in Bansko enjoyed his very successful premiere in Bulgaria.

What has happened since then? How does his musical journey continue? To answer these-and other-questions, I met the singer before his gig in Christikirche, Bochum, where we spoke about his current tour and music.

Seven with his band and the guest of the evening Roman Lob, Photo: desenze

Seven, we remember quite well your 4COLORS tour. Now follows the Soulmate tour. How was the idea for this tour born?

Around 2011/2012, for the first time in Switzerland, I did a tour that took place in concert halls with setas and an intermission between the two musical parts of the evening.That felt different than the usual concerts or performances, because it lets you be more emotional and play calmer pieces than the ones played in a cllub athmosphere.And I wanted to do it again. Also, I wanted to confuse or, rather, to surprise, our fans from the last two tours in Germany.


Seven and his Band in the Christikirche Bochum, Photos: desenze

Since I didn’t want to do the same thing again, another dream of mine- that I have had for a long time- fitted in perfectly. I had the dream to play with all these artists, and in particular with all the German artists, I have met in the recent years. It’s not always convenient or there is time to record a song together, to work together in a studio, etc. Everybody has their plans, their world and their stories. And now I had the chance to play with all these musicians, with whom I – except for Wolfgang Niedecken and Stefanie Heinzmann – had never sung together on stage before.

And that’s a challenge for us, for me and my band. Every night, the audience gets something that happens only once and for the first time our nervousness rises. For example, now we rehearsed the songs for tonight. And that gives the whole tour experience yet another excitement, feeling of somehow being “naked” because you can smell the music and see through everything. That’s why the concept of a concert where people sit is appropriate here.



Seven and his Band in the Christikirche Bochum, Photos: desenze

Now it was the right time to combine these two ideas and with “Soulmate” it’s very clear what it means: I have a friend with me every night and we make Soul together. That’s how the idea came about.


And how did you choose these friends?

I have known many of the artists for several years. Some of the others I met in the past three or four years. And every time I meet good singers, great artists, I’m very curious about what will happen if we make music together. I have been in my own garden, doing my own thing, for a long time. At the TV show „Sing my song“, I had the opportunity to interact with other artists and make experiments with the music; that opened the door for a new feeling, new desire, which grew even stronger after the show.



Seven, his band and Roman Lob in the Christikirche Bochum, Photos: desenze

Besides, I think it’s important, because we make music together. And these musicians are all desired candidates that I called and asked if they would like to join me. I am very proud and and very touched that everyone agreed and said “Hey, what a cool idea, beautiful set-ups and cool locations. We’ll be glad to come over there.”

It is a pity that it is not possible to attend all concerts.

Yes, it is interesting. We have never had so many people who followed us in different cities; because every evening at least three songs are different, with a different artist and the feeling is different, because each location is unique and each guest gives the evening a different groove.

We always play the guest’s songs, my songs, as well as some other performers’songs. So, we both have to leave our comfort zones- which is risky, but exciting. That’s what the audience feels and that’s exactly what I like.



Seven & Band & Roman Lob in the Christikirche Bochum, Photos: desenze

You recieved an offer to be a host of the TV exchange concert in Switzerland. What’s new?

By the end of 2019 we will have recorded the show in Gran Canaria. We found a cool location there, on a slope overlooking the sea. The program will be broadcast in early 2020.

This format requires a lot of specific expertise. That’s why we work in collaboration with the German expert team of “Sing my song”, to deliver the same quality as in Germany.

And that’s important to me, because in Switzerland we have so many good artists and no platform to show that. Our aim is to develop some pride for Switzerland as a music venue and to celebrate Swiss music and cultural heritage and to show: “Hey, live music on TV – we can do that too”.

Now a slightly mean question: who were you most looking forward to playing with at the Soulmate Tour?

That is a really mean question! Of course, I’m looking forward to everyone. But the tension is greater with the artists I have never worked with. For example, with Mietze Katz. We participated together in a TV show, but I have never sung with her and I was very curious how our voices would fit together.

And how was it with Roman Lob, who you are performing with tonight?

Together with Thomas D. we wrote many songs for Roman‘s album. So, we already know each other musically, but we have never been on stage and have never sung a duet together yet. However, I knew that it would work with our voices. And today, we play in a special location (Christikirche Bochum). I have never played in a church and am really curious how it will be tonight.

Roman Lob & Seven, Photo: desenze

What are your plans?

We are in the middle of a new production and I still can’t say for sure when we’ll be ready. Every night during the tour we perform part of the new pieces- a thing I haven’t done so far.

But I’m impatient and I need to know how this new sound, that I discovered for me, reaches the audience.

You are always in contact with the audience; on stage and through social media. But what do you want to tell your fans today through our magazine?

What I cannot say often enough is: exactly three years have passed since the show (“Sing my song”) was broadcast. I’m doing a tour now, but I do not have a new album and a new song on the radio-however, people come anyway. And that’s with this concept, where they ask themselves: “Why should we sit down? What’s that? Still, we want to dance!” This concept raises questions, but people come and have confidence in us. And that, especially in today’s fast paced world, is something very special.


Seven and his Band in the Christikirche Bochum, Photos: desenze

Besides, I think if I’m bored, maybe the audience will get bored too. That’s why I always take risks to surprise myself and the audience with something new that challenges me, and where I can always learn from and try new things.

Thank you very much and good luck tonight!

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