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Artist of the Week — Güldehen Yoğurtçu

January 24, 2012 by · No comments

An Interview with Artist and Photographer Güldehen Yoğurtçu by Jasmina Tacheva

Güldehen Yoğurtçu

You were born in Istanbul but have spent a great deal of your life in Berlin. How did these two magnificent cosmopolitan cities shape your artistic interests and style? What do you like most about the two places and how did you decide to go back to Turkey?

Yes, I’ve spent my childhood and school years in Berlin: I feel lucky about it. I grew up in two different cultures.

I like the strict order and punctuality of Berlin. But I also like the chaotic timelessness of Istanbul:) (and surely its unique Bosphorus!)

I believe this contradiction has shaped my views and style.

My Istanbul has its melody in my soul, I got to follow that melody and settled down here.

Güldehen Yoğurtçu - Baloon
Photo: Güldehen Yoğurtçu – Baloon

You started out as an artist. How did you decide that art would take a back seat and photography would begin? Do you still paint?

I think all the art branches are interrelated. An artist gets inspired by and feeds from every branch of it.

Music, Painting, Cinema, Theatre, Dancing, Writing have always existed and will always be in my life. I believe some things or some people are always causing or making certain things happen.

Everything has its cause, every experience shows us and teaches us something. Painting has led me to photography. Where is photography leading me… that I don’t know:)

I made a start in 2006 and I feel I am still at the very beginning of it. I believe that success in the arts is infinite… We are constantly evolving…

Yes, I paint whenever I have a chance to.

Güldehen Yoğurtçu - Madness
Photo: Güldehen Yoğurtçu – Madness

What was your favorite photography moment from the past year?

I had a Project, named “The Horses”. I love horses very much. The shooting has been performed within and outside the ménage.

They let out a very noble horse. It was galloping with no saddle, like a lose cannon forwards and backwards. I was standing right at the middle of the ménage. I got very excited when it started running towards me in gallop.

I was pushing unstoppingly the shutter button, I think for a while I even closed my eyes :).

I felt the wind caused by the horse’s mane quite close to me. I was fascinated, that was an unforgettable, very exciting photography memory of mine…

Güldehen Yoğurtçu - Street
Photo: Güldehen Yoğurtçu – Street

Where do you find inspiration to keep your photography creative and unique?

By following all the art fields, sometimes a melody, sometimes a dance scene, sometimes a movie or a picture and a photo, sometimes a piece of writing can get me inspired.

I watch the portfolios of many photographers, by going to an exhibition, buying their books or just walking around in artistic environments.

Getting inspired, even imitating an artist you like, is something good. I believe it makes you develop. Photography is a bit of a work of patience, too. It’s a journey of understanding and expressing yourself…

Güldehen Yoğurtçu - Bride
Photo: Güldehen Yoğurtçu – Bride

Do you take your camera everywhere you go?


Why is photography important to your personal and professional life?

Photography is a passion for me, rather that an profession, it feeds my soul and makes me feel good.

What do you love most about capturing babies, children and wedding couples?

Witnessing happy moments, taking part in those moments, sharing them… there are some moments that cannot be expressed by any words. I love telling those moments in the language of photography.

Güldehen Yoğurtçu - Baby
Photo: Güldehen Yoğurtçu – Baby

What are some of your hobbies outside of art and photography?

Reading books, watching movies, listening music, and I play the piano and paint whenever I have time to spare. My next passion after photography is horse riding.

Can you tell us a bit more about the most recent projects you are working on?

I am shooting a documentary currently. I don’t know when it is going to be completed, therefore I would like to keep the subject for myself right now:). Thank you.

Güldehen Yoğurtçu - Baby
Photo: Güldehen Yoğurtçu – Baby

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