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Look, honey, I love not only you…

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Dimitar Ganev

Dimitar Ganev
Photo: Wonderlane

Look, honey, I love not only you,
I love so many other women,
so many other girls,
that my blood is never calm.
Nothing makes them similar
except the womanliness. With some of them
I have been one year, with others one night,
with others I will never be in any way. I often
write poems about them
and I do not care if they or anybody at all
will read them.
The more women I love, the better I feel,
so do not be angry, honey, that you are not the one –
I love you in a different way, as a matter of fact
I love every one differently from the others.
I was just made this way –
by default I am in love with
life, myself – and with death,
which gives sense to everything,
and when death comes to me,
I will thank her and then I will say to her
Hello, I love you, but
not only you,
because I was alive.

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