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Angela Rodel


Angela Rodel was born in the United States in 1974. She earned a B.A in Slavic languages from Yale University and an M.A. in linguistics from UCLA. In 1996 she won a Fulbright fellowship to study Bulgarian language and culture at Sofia University. Angela has been working as a professional translator from Bulgarian since 1997. Since 2004 she has been living and working in Bulgaria.

Her literary translations include the play The Apocalypse Comes at 6 PM by the acclaimed writer Georgi Gospodinov, the novel Party Headquarters (winner of the VIK Novel of the Year Award, now under consideration from US publishers) as well as selected stories from The Holy Light by Georgi Tenev, excerpts from Nine Rabbits by Virginia Zaharieva (nominated for Helikon’s Novel of the Year Award), selected essays by the prominent journalist Martin Karbovsky (tentatively accepted for publication at a leading US literary journal), the best-selling novel The Parchment Maze by Ludmila Filipova, the play On the Moon by Stoil Roshkev, short stories by Angel Igov, as well as poetry by talented young poets Ivan Hristov, Maria Kalinova, Kamelia Spassova, and Marica Kolcheva, among others.

Angela Rodel has worked as a translator for the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation, as well as for the leading English-language magazines in Bulgaria, Vagabond and HighFlights. Besides literary, academic and popular works, Angela has also translated subtitles for films, including “The Goat” by the celebrated Bulgarian director Georgi Dyulgerov, the documentary “The Mosquito Problem and Other Stories” by Andrey Paunov (which won awards in Karlovy Vary, London and Sarevo), the short film “Omelette” by Nadezhda Koseva (which won the Jury’s Choice Award at Sundance), “Corridor 8” by Boris Despadov, the musical documentary “Jazzta Prassta” by Andrey Slabakov, and others.

Angela’s contributions: