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BECCA, who, for a combination of practical, personal and aesthetic reasons, publishes without surname, primarily writes narrative poetry that is based in myth and legend, making use of both received and nonce forms.

As a translator she hews closely to the original in form and style. She is at ease in German and the Romance languages, and has some knowledge of others, such as Farsi. She welcomes collaborative endeavors.

Becca currently has poems in Pequod and Parnassus, with recent works in Kritya, Thanalonline and Stone’s Throw. In addition, several of her works have been selected for translation into Arabic for the Iraqi journal Foreign Culture, and two pieces have been translated into Farsi for inclusion in a forthcoming anthology.

About her work, poet Katha Pollitt declares “No poet I know of writes anything like this — Becca dances to a tune of her own Panpipes, and the reader follows, entranced.”

Herb Leibowitz, Editor of Parnassus, writes that her “language is supple and nuanced {and} her sleight-of-hand as a story-teller keeps the reader from worry about what technical devices she uses;” while poet Mark Rudman says that her poetry is “playful, philosophical, and subversive.” Iranian anthologist and poet Farideh Hassanzadeh-Mostafavi says simply, “Becca is my favorite poet.”

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