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Biliana Atanasova

Atanassova. Ivanova. Just Biliana. Call her Billisi, when evil comes. Made 24 years ago and giving birth to her poetic ideas from… around that time. Coming from Stara Zagora through Sofia and all the other (virgin) world left.

‘Unhoused’ – born in 2004, a book of poetry. Christened – long before it.

‘Weeds’ – another volume of poetry. We’re all waiting for it to pour its warm blood over us during the fall of 2008.

Having in mind the aforementioned, Biliana (Billisi, when evil comes) tore the pages and excavated (her) thoughts in ‘Literature newspaper’, ‘Circle’ magazine, the medley ‘Facecontrol’, and last, but not least – in the ‘Anthology of the young Bulgarian poets’ (2008).

FIN (is every end a new beginning?)

Biliana’s contributions: