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Bozhana Apostolova

Bozhana Apostolova’s name is invariably associated with one of the most authoritative Bulgarian publishing houses – Zhanet 45, which she founded and owns. Nevertheless, since 1978, when her first book of poems, Fire-Dancer’s Lot came out, until this year – 2008, when her eighth book of poems, I Can Barely Hold It Up, Stigmati PH, Sofia, was published, she has been winning persistently and without extraneous clamour increasingly more readers both of poetry and prose.

Apostolova’s prose works include: Everyday Bible, a novel in two volumes; A Crossroad without Roads, a novel; and The Man with the Sky, a modern tale for children.

In addition to the numerous honors for her publishing activities, Apostolova has been awarded a number of prizes for her own creative works, including the “Plovdiv Prize” for prose, (which she especially values), “The Gold Chainlet” of the Troud Daily for poetry, and “The Golden Muse” for her creative work and contribution to Bulgarian-Russian cultural relations.

Although the awards delight her, she considers the readers’ interest in her poems far more gratifying.

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