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Drew Logan

Zen got me interested in Japanese Poetry and I have won some Poetry contests. I have a collection of about 75 haiku, some of which have been published on line. Japanese is one of the languages which I use for poetry. French, Spanish, Italian and Irish are the other languages. Each of these require a beautiful woman for conversational practice.

I often get two or more poems for the price of one this way. It has been almost 20 years since I wrote my first poem. At one point, Microsoft had a writer’s group on line. I was the poet who gave the workshop on Wednesday night. Some of my poetry got published on line this way.

I often wish that I could focus 100% on poetry but, I am also an artist, inventor with a software patent and several other software inventions, programmer, musician and most of all a seeker of knowledge, wisdom and love.

I almost forgot if you Google the title Vietnamese Socrates it will take you to a poem at the web site for a buddhist monastery in Australia. This poem was gifted to the monastery by me. is my blog.

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