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Ekaterina Vitkova

Ekaterina Vitkova is born 24th of June 1964. Her four plays have been written last ten years. All of them are short absurd comedies in exception with the last one – The Hour of the Tramp, which is a longer absurd comedy.

Two of her plays (“Leaks” and “The Snow Girl and the Seven Brandies”) were awarded in national competitions – The National Theater Competition (2000) and Slavka Slavova Competition (2003).

In 2001 the play Leaks was published in Contemporary Magazine, 2nd issue. In 2003 three of the plays were published in a book “Three Short Plays” (St. Ivan Rilsky Publishing House).

The four plays are about the funny and sad things in our life. They make us laugh at sad things like the alienation, the impossible romantic love, the greediness and bureaucracy.

Ekaterina spent 10 years, working for daily press in Bulgaria and 7 years working for politics. Currently, she works for a Publishing House.

Ekaterina’s contributions: