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Faryad Shiri

Faryad Shiri

Faryad Shiri was born in the Kermanshah, Iran in 1969. He has been worked as a professional translator from kurdish to farsi, executive manageи, literature teacher and journalist. He is author of poetry collections: „Claws don’t understand sparrows“, „My hug is full of journey“, „Crazy reading of rain“, „This name needs a new signature“, „Homeland is not for sale“ and „I am lonelier than moon“ as well as several books for children.

„Passport of smile and wish“ (translation of modern Kurdish poetry), Mina, 2002.
„Love songs of chestnuts lands“ (translation of modern love songs of Kurdish poetry), Meshki, 2009
„A lady whispered Love“, Markaz, 2008
„100 Sia Cahaman4 (Hoorami’s short poetry), Meshki, 2007

„Claws don’t understand sparrows“ (poetry collection) Dastan Publishing house, 1998.
„My hug is full of journey“ (poetry collection), Nimnegah, 2003.
„Black people, white people“,Negima, 2003.
„Crazy reading of rain“ (poetry collection in Kurdish language), Shola, 2005.
„Kalamatarh“, Morvarid, 2010
„This name needs a new signature“, Morvarid, 2010.
„We were lost in the picture on the rain“ (story-photo collection), Negima, 2000.
„Homeland is not for sale“ (poetry collection), Negah, 2012.
„I am lonelier than moon“ (poetry collection of Kurdish language), Dastan publishing house, 2012.

Faryad’s contributions: