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Jerry Ratch

Jerry Ratch has published 12 books of poetry and the novel: WILD DREAMS OF REALITY.
His work can be purchased through the author’s website.

Poems published in: Antioch Review, Apple Valley Review, Avec, Beatitude, Brick and Mortar Review, Carolina Quarterly, COE Review, Contact II, Ironwood, Louisville Review, Milvia Street Journal, Negative Capability, Seems, Slant, among others.

Poems published in the following anthologies: Practicing Angels, Dreams Are Wiser Than Men, O One/ An Anthology, How the Net Is Gripped: Contemporary American Poetry, The Age of Koestler.

His published book of poetry are:

Puppet X (Shameless Hussy Press, 1973, 1976)
Clown Birth (Shameless Hussy Press, 1975)
The Suburban Poem (Nemesis Press, 1975)
Osiris (Cloud Marauder Press, 1977)
Chaucer Marginalia (Sombre Reptiles Press, 1979)
Rose (Sombre Reptiles Press, 1979)
Hot Weather: Selected Poems (Scarecrow Press, Metuchen NJ. 1982)
Chairman (Sombre Reptiles Press, 1982)
Helen (Cloud Marauder Press, 1984)
Lenin’s Paintings (Illuminati Press, 1987)
Light (O Books, 1988)
Homeowner Haiku, (Frog, 2005)

Besides completing a new manuscript of recent poems, he is currently working on a novel-in-progress entitled: The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars.

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