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Kerana Angelova


Kerana Angelova was born in Brodilovo, Bulgaria – a small village in the mystical Strandga Mountain. For over thirty years she has lived and worked in Bourgas – a coastal town on the Black Sea.

She has had careers as an educator, program manager, journalist.

Kerana has published nine books with poetry and prose:

“Summer,” poetry, 1982
“Subterranean river, ” poetry, 1988
“Zana. Papazene,” two novellas, 1998
“More defenseless dandelions,” poetry, 2000
“Elada Pignio and the time,” novel, 2003
“Katokala, the name of the butterfly,” poetry, 2006
“Internal room,” novel, 2006
“Times,” poetry (coauthor with Roza Boyanova and Kalina Telianova), 2007
“Visions,” poetry, 2008

Kerana’s contributions: