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Lauren Shows

Lauren Shows was born on January 6, 1984, to a preacher and a preacher’s wife. She spent the majority of her earliest childhood years rollin’ ’round the bible belt, to end up in Florida. There she progressed through elementary, middle, and high schools, finally ending up at Florida State University. From said university she earned her B.A. in English.

After moving to Panama City, Florida, she spent the next several months in existential crisis, as befitted her age, making lattes for snowbirds and spring-breakers alike. She then moved to Kentucky to become a student in Spalding University’s MFA in Writing program, which is what she is doing now. Right this second.

Lauren has not previously been published at all in any literary journals to her knowledge. Except once in third grade, when she wrote a story about a bunch of skeletons rising from the dead on Halloween, which was published in the Owenton News-Herald.

Lauren’s contributions: