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Linda Cruise

Linda Cruise is currently a full-time writer, editor, instructor, and consultant, having earned an M.F.A. in Writing (Fiction) at Spalding University, in Louisville, Kentucky. During her last year, she served as one of the editors for the program’s esteemed literary journal, The Louisville Review. Along with a B.A. (Anthropology) from Douglass College, Rutgers University and an M.A. in Anthropology from Binghamton University, Linda is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature, as well as one of the Vermont Arts Council’s featured artists and a member of the Assoc. of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP), League of Vermont Writers (LVW), and Society of Children Book Writers & Illustrators. She has developed and taught several creative writing classes, for children through adults. With nearly 20 years of teaching experience, she has taught in both traditional and non-traditional settings, including as her local high school’s Speech & Language Pathology Assistant, where she taught writing and literacy skills to students requiring Special Education services.

When Linda is not occupied with her work at WCN, she devotes much of her creative energy to writing three current fiction book-length projects: a WWII story set in France (adult), a time-traveling story set in Vermont (middle-reader), and a collection of linked stories (adult). Her past work has appeared in The Times Ink!, The Hinesburg Record, Vermont Catholic Tribune, and League Lines (LVW’s quarterly newsletter).

In addition to the above, she is a new member of Richmond Area Business Association and a long-standing member of Phi Beta Kappa and the Red Pines Honor Society (Douglass College). While enjoying the high quality of life found in the village of Richmond, Vermont (with her husband, two children, and family dog), Linda has served actively in her community as a coach, religious-education teacher, and trained volunteer for Make-A-Wish of Vermont (Wish-granter).

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