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Ludmila Filipova

Ludmila Filipova was born on Easter 1977. She graduated from the University of National and World Economy – Sofia, with high honors, and was conferred Bachelor Degree in 2000. She is graduated from the City University, MBA Degree in General Management.

Creative Work

Ludmila Filipova is a Bulgarian authoress who has already published four novels and all of them became bestsellers in the region. She is the most sold Bulgarian author in the last two years according to market statistics. In February and March 2009 she was occupying the secon place on the Bulgarian book market according to the bookstores statistic.

Ludmila Filipova was the only foreign author nominated for the semi-final of the American literary contest ‘Hidden River’. The final is to be held. She was also nominated for the second selection of the European literary contest ‘Prix du Livre Europeen 2008’. Her novels are to be published in 2009 in Russia, Italy and Turkey. An international movie production is being made after Ludmila Filipova’s second novel – Scarlet Gold.

ANATOMY OF ILLIUSIONS (2006) is the debut novel of the young writer Ludmila Filipova. The book is one of the most successful stories about the Bulgarian transition period, which started in 1989 and one of the bestsellers on the Bulgarian book market for 2006 and 2007. It is based on a real story of a boy and girl in the Bulgarian transition from communism to democracy. It was reprinted 6 times in 2 years. Currently, the book is translated in German language.

SCARLET GOLD (2007) is the second novel of Filipova. The book is the bestseller on the Bulgarian book market for 2007 year. The author already sold the rights for a movie, which will be multinational co-production. The book is translated in English and currently is in the process of translation of Italian and German. Scarlet Gold is an international political thriller that deals with an issue of urgent significance – the trafficking of human blood which victims are already 3 000 000.

GLASS BUTTERFLIES (February 2008) is the third novel of Ludmila Filipova which is a drama-thriller. It is already nominated for second selection on the European literary contest “Prix du Livre Europeen”. One of the most powerful features of the novel is that it attempts to reveal for the first time in the literature the world scale and risks of uncontrolled trading with genetic material, millions human embryos and advanced reproductive technologies. The novel unravels the details around the practice of trading with live embryos. Currently there are 4,5 million frozen embryos worldwide. There real factories that produce and sale people each day. Some of them commissioned. Some will remain in nitrogen for many years. Many of them are siblings or twins. The book is de to be published in Turkey and Russia.

THE PARCHMENT MAZE (2009) is a historical novel in which each scene is based on actual historical fact and an extant artifact. The place and time of the events in the novel are actual. The novel has many exits and it is up to the reader which one he will choose to use following the leads of ancient secrets and scandal discoveries. Each chapter in the book is a new page from the lost final part of a secret mediaeval manuscript discovered in a library in Rome. Formed around facts and academic texts the novel imperceptibly overturns our notions of history, religion and philosophy. The book is accompanied by hundreds photographs from Moscow, Burma, Berlin, Greece, Rome and Thrace taken by the author and which illustrate the novel. The researching on its topics took mote than three years and traveled the territory over of seven countries. The idea for the novel had born under the ground, at the lowest point on the Balkan Peninsula that a human could reach to.

The novel was extremely successful in Bulgaria after publishing, staying for months on the second place of the book market and on the first one for Bulgarian novels.

Ludmila had more than twenty public readings in different towns in Bulgaria, Moscow, Italy and Germany

Professional Experience

Ludmila Filipova worked as a marketing director in the German software giant SAP Bulgaria, managing director of Desiderata Advertising Agency, a chief-in-editor of the magazine Marketing&Media, and a commercial director of a company for medical equipment MEDIMAG-MS.

Experience as a Journalist

Ludmila Filipova is well known to the Bulgarian media audience as a television reporter from the Bulgarian televisions: “7 DAYS”, “Triada” (local partner to CNN). She was editor-in chief for “Marketin&Media”, a specialized magazine.

Up to now, Ludmila has written more than 30 publications and articles in Bulgarian newspapers as: “24 Hours”, “Monitor”, “Novinar”, “Economic Life” and for the magazines: Tema”, “BusinessWeek” and “Marketing&Media”.

Movies acting

Ludmila Filipova has been participating as an actor in several children’s movies, most popular from which are: “Kuche v chekmedje” 1982 (Dog in a drawer) – directed by Dimiter Petrov; “Deniat si lichi po zaranta” (The day is recognizable by the morning) 1984: directed by Nedelcho Chernev; “Tursi se suprug za mama” (Husband for Mom is needed) – directed by Mariana Evstatieva – Biolcheva.

Ludmila’s contributions: