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Matt Urmy

Matt UrmMatt Urmy is a Storyteller, a Poet, and a Musician.  He has recorded and released four independent records. He has also published one collection of poems,Ghosts In A House, with Finishing Line Press.  This collection was published in his first term of graduate study at Spalding University in Louisville, KY. He completed his undergraduate studies of poetry at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

He is also the founder of the forthcoming not-for-profit: Global Artist’s Alliance for Community Equity (  Matt is also a student and practitioner of the Healing Arts. He has been working and studying with Maori healers in New Zealand for nearly a decade, and continues to deepen those connections. Ever the activist, Matt is also a full member of The Alliance For Native American Indian Rights. He is a father of one son, and lives in Tennessee.

Matt’s contributions: