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Milena Valkanova

Милена Вълканова

I guess wandering is a necessary part of the creative experience. It seems to me, one can not be creative where the perceptions, the conception of the world, the truths are predetermined, named and filed into a neat and safe system. I need to get lost in order to find myself again, springing before myself from behind a new, unknown corner. Before one can create a universe, there has to be chaos – within the tense interaction between them, the Big Bang is born.

When God was giving away the roles in my universe, I was given the destiny of the Adventurer roaming from one planet to another and gathering treasures. In my heart. My favourite jewel I have been polishing for years in an attempt to catch my reflection in the fine beauty of any one of its countless facets, has been psychological astrology.

I lost painting somewhere on the road, but should it be God’s will, we shall meet again.

Writing though, has been a truthful aid in my aspirations to placate the anxiety associated with chaos and to turn the roaming into an unforgetable journey toward myself.

I have graduated from the Astrological Psychology Institute, UK. I do astrological counselling and adore my job that incessantly brings me together with other seekers.

I write for different magazines and… for myself.

I translate.

I travel.

I do many other things in my dreams and it is a matter of time…

And there is no end…

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