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Peter Kraevski

Peter Kraevski is the author of five books – satirical poems, poetry and prose. His book “Hi, How are You?” was officially proclaimed to be the best-selling book for November 2001 in “Otetz Paisii” bookstores. His collection of poetry “Somnambul” won the “Svetlostrui” National award as the best poetry book for the period 2006-2008. Peter Kraevski is the author of the novel “4at, or Farewell to Arcadia” which was published in 2009. He has been given lots of prizes in other national literary contests of satire, poetry and prose such as:
– SMS poetry, National Palace of Culture, Sofia – poems
– “One” magazine – short stories
– “More poems for eternal things” – poems
– The First Bulgarian Contest of satire – satirical poems and prose
– “Eyes for yourself” – satire

Aphorisms and epigrams of Peter Kraevski are present in the “Anthology of the Bulgarian Epigram”, “Chernat” publishing house and the “Anthology of the Balkan Aphorism” published in Macedonia.

He was programme director of: radio “Ve”, radio “Veselina”, “Veselina” tv and “Sunny International” Advertising agency.

Peter Kraevski used to organize the popular radio contest for poetry and satire “For a More Humane World”. His comedy radio show “PETKRASKI” won the first prize in the International radio festival “Silver wave` 2002” in Albena, Bulgaria. His radio programme for the ethnical minorities “Ethnoforum” was given the special prize in the same festival and was nominated in the International media festival PRIX EUROPA, Berlin. His comedy radio show “Petlju” was published on two CDs by “Sunny Music”. He is contributor of “Humour, satire and entertainment” in the Bulgarian National Radio and the festival of the satirical song “The Golden Blackbird” of the Bulgarian National Radio.

Peter Kraevski was chief scriptwriter of the tv show “Starry Variety” of Veselina tv. He was chief scriptwriter of the show “On Sunday with…” of the Bulgarian National Television.

Peter Kraevski is director of the film “The Living Energy” which had a nomination in the “Eighth Muse” festival, Sofia.

Peter Kraevski has been running his own comedy show in “Trakia tv” for the last three years.

Peter’s contributions: