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Petja Heinrich

Petja Heinrich was born on 04.10.1973 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She completed her Journalism studies at the Sofia University as a master of Radio-journalism, Cultural profile. Since the mid-’90s she works as a freelance journalist for various Bulgarian media.

Petja Heinrich is a member of the Bulgarian poetic society “Glosi” and the author of the successful poetry weblog “Мисли+думи” (Thoughts+words) – Some of her poems have been published in the literature magazines „Glosi“, „Irin Pirin“ and in the online magazine „Public Republic“.
She is the author of the poetry book “01” (2008).

Among other things she likes the retro music, the nonprofit thinking, the ashes and the slowness.

Petja Heinrich lives with her family in Düsseldorf (Germany) since 1996.

Petja Heinrich’s contributions: