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Prof. Milena Kirova



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IV. MORE THAN 500 ARTICLES IN Bulgarian SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS like “Language and Literature”, “Literary Thought”, “Bulgarian Language and Literature”, “Democratic Review”, “Page” … and REVIEWS OF BOOKS IN CULTURAL NEWSPAPERS: ”Culture”, “Literary forum”, “Literary Newspaper” and others.



Born June 3, 1958 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Citizenship – Bulgarian

Scientific Degrees

Doctor of Sciences – 2001, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Doctoral Thesis in Anthropology, Comparative Religion and Gender Studies
Ph.D. – 1986, University of Sofia. Doctoral Thesis in History of Bulgarian Literature
M.A. – 1981, University of Sofia. Theory of Literature and Bulgarian Literature
Second Major – In English
Diploma for qualification in French – 1993, Institute for Study of Foreign Languages at the University of Sofia

Academic Teaching Career at the University of Sofia

Full Professor – Jan. 2003
Associate Professor – 1996 -2003
Major Assistant Professor – 1991-1996
Senior Assistant Professor – 1988 –1991
Assistant Professor – 1987-1988

Teaching Positions at Other Universities Abroad

Visiting Professor in Bulgarian Literature – University of Belgrade, Yougoslavia, 2002
Visiting Professor in Bulgarian Literature and Gender Studies (lectures on Women’s Writing in the 90’s) – University of Helsinki, Finland, 2000
Senior Visiting Professor (lectures on Women and the Canon in Literature) – CEU (Central European University), Budapest, Hungary, 2000
Visiting Professor (lectures on Psychoanalysis and Literature) – University of Kent, Great Britain, 1995
Visiting Professor in Bulgarian Literature and Bulgarian civilization – UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles), 1989-1991

Teaching Positions at other Universities in Bulgaria

University of Plovdiv – Lectures on Psychoanalysis and Literature; 1996-1998
New Bulgarian University – Lectures on Theory of Psychoanalysis; 1992-1994


Research Visiting Professor at the School of History and Religious Studies – Monash University, Melbourne – January-June, 2006

Senior Fellowship in Gender and Culture (Women’s Studies) – Central European University, Budapest, Febr. – June 2000

Summer University in Women’ Studies at CEU, Budapest, July 1989

University of Geneva Research Fellowship, Geneva, April – August 1995

British Council Research Fellowship – at the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Kent, Canterbury; Oct. 1994 – April 1995

Rockefeller Fellowship and Residency at Bellagio Study and Conference Center (Italy), Sept. – Oct. 1993

Fulbright Teaching Fellowship – 1989-1991

Courses taught at the University of Sofia

History of Bulgarian Literature (1878-1918) – A Basic BA course at the School of Slavic Philologies, Permanent
Construction of Gender Identities in the Old Testament – MA Programs in Anthropology and Literary Studies, School of Slavic Philologies, 2002 –
How to write a book review? – Seminar for the MA Program “Editors and Translators”, School of Slavic Studies, 2002 –
The Bible: Constructing Femininity – Postgraduate Program in Gender Studies at the School of Philosophy, 2000 – 2008
Introduction to Gender Studies – MA Program in Gender Studies, School of Philosophy, 2001-2003
Theory of Myth and History of Mythological Studies – BA Program at the School of Journalism , 1995-1997
Theory and History of Psychoanalysis – BA Program at the Schools of Slavic Philologies and Philosophy, 1992-1998
History of Psychoanalytic Criticism – BA Program at Slavic Philologies, 1998-2001
The Seminars of Lacan: Between reality and mythology – MA Program at Slavic Philologies, 1996-1997

Editting Experience

Guest-editor for contemporary literature at the “Culture” Weekly Newspaper, Sofia, 1995 –
Editor in chief of the Literary Studies Department at the University of Sofia Publishing House, 1983-1987
Editor at The Ministry of Education Publishing House – 1981-1983

Participation in International Conferences

1.Women and Peace. XVII Conference of University Women of Europe. Kyrenia, North Cyprus, Sept. 11 – 14, 2008 – paper
2.Women Shaping Science. European Platform Women in Science. Vilnius, June 5 – 8, 2008 – paper
3. Women, Gender and the Cultural Production of Knowledge. (Conference of the International Federation for Research in Women’s History). 8-12 August, 2007, Sofia, Bulgaria (chairing a panel, a workshop and a paper)
4. Literature in Education – Aims, Content, Methods. Ljubljana, Slovenia, Nov. 16-18, 2006 – paper
5 – ХVІ Conference of the European Association of University Women. Cork, Ireland, June 2005 – participation in discussions
6 – Meeting of Leading Intellectuals from the Balkans – University of Skopie, Maccedonia, November, 2005 – discourse presented and discussion
7 – XV Conference of the European Association of University Women – Bordeaux, October 6-9, 2004, paper and discussion
8 – 9-th Conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI) – University of Navara, Pamplona, Spain. Chair of the “Mythological Reperesentations of Gender” workshop and paper, August 21-24, 2004
9 – International Congress in Slavic Studies – University of Belgrade, Sept. 10-13, 2002; paper
10 – International Meeting “Women Create” – Greece, July 19-21, 2002; paper
11 – XIII International Congress in Slavic Studies, Belgrade, Sept. 10-13, 2002 – paper
12 – The Image of the Other in Literary Education in South Eastern Europe – General Reporter: Sofia, Nov. 2-5, 2000
13 – Women in Literature and the Arts. Fourth Regional Seminar – Moderator and paper. Oct. 1999 – Oct. 2000, Budapest
14 – Pleasure and Power in a Gendered Perspective – Moderator and paper. May 23-25, 1999, Budapest, Central European University
15 – Limits of Citizenship: European Women between Tradition and Modernity – Panel paper. Sofia, May 29-31, 2000
16 – II French-Bulgarian Seminar in Psychoanalysis – Panel paper. Jan. 9-10, 1999, Sofia
17 – Inaugural Conference: Women’s Studies and the Countries in Transition. Belgrade, Sept. 9-12, 1998
18 – Twentieth Century European Narratives: Tradition and Innovation. Sixth Conference of The International Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI) – Chair of Workshop “Freud and After Him: History of Psychoanalytic Ideas” and paper. Haifa University, Israel, August 16-21, 1998
19 – CEU Summer University. Attending “The Gender of Politics”course. July, 1998, Budapest
20 – First French-Bulgarian Congress in Psychoanalysis – paper. July 27-29, Sofia, 1997
21 – The New Europe at the Crossroads – paper. St. John’s University, York, England, August 3-7, 1997
22 – Second Congress of Slavic Studies, International University of Andalucia, Baeza, Spain – paper. Oct. 2-5, 1996
23 – Fourth Conference of ISSEI, University of Graz, Austria – Chairperson of the Narratives, Symbols and Identities: New Ideas in Psychoanalysis and the Humanities” workshop and paper. Äugust 5-8, 1994
24 – Third Conference of ISSEI, University of Aalborg, Denmark, August 11-14, 1993 – paper
25 – Second British-Bulgarian Psychoanalytic Week – Coordinator. Sofia, April, 1992
26 – Sixth International Slavistic Congress – paper. Sofia, 1986
Balkan Meeting of Distinguished People in Culture – Iniversity of Skopie, Republic of Maccedonia, November 17-18, 2004; paper and discussion

Participation at National Conferences

Chairing, Chairing of workshops, papers presented: 63 conferences in Bulgaria for the period 1983- 2007.

Membership in Professional Societies

Bulgarian Association of University Women, President, 2001 – 2005; 2008 –
ISSEI (International Society for the Study of European Ideas) – 1996 –
Academic Psychoanalytic Society of Bulgaria, Vice-President – 1998 – 2001

Other Professional Positions

Member of the Supreme Commission for Scientific Attestation (Literary Studies) at the Bulgarian Government (Council of Ministers) 2004 –
Member of the High Commission for Contracting Professors to Teach Bulgarian at Universities Abroad at the Ministry of Education and Science, 1998 – 2006
Vice-chair of the Commission for the National Contest in Bulgarian Literature at the Ministry of Education and Science, 1996 –

Other Positions at the University of Sofia

Head of the Department of Bulgarian Literature, 2003 –
Chair of the General Assembly of the School of Slavic Studies, 2003 – 2007

Special Prizes and Awards

The National Award in Humanities for 2006 (given by the Ministry of Culture for the book “Biblical Femininity”)
Honorary Professor of Monash University, Melbourne – 2006
The Great Award for Literary Criticism and History of Literature of the University of Sofia – 2003
Book of the Year (for “Criticism on the Thresholds”), 2002
Special Award of the University of Veliko Turnovo for achievements in History of Bulgarian Literature – 2002
Best Book in Criticism (“The Dream of the Meduze”) – 1995
Great Prize of the Union of the Academic Youth for Literary Criticism – 1982
Literary Award of the Rector of Sofia University for Students’Creativity – 1981
University Medal and First Class Honours in Bulgarian Studies, University of Sofia, 1981
Graduation Gold Medal – English Language School, Plovdiv, 1977

Current Address
1505 Sofia, 15 Hristaki Pavlovich Str., apt. 11

Milena’s contributions: