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Ralph Pluim

A good poem for me is all about the right atmosphere, you feel it before you know what else is going on. Just like stepping into a forest or putting on a record without knowing the lyrics at first.

Since day one I like to harmonize with an `other´ world, in which daydreaming is allowed and creativity lurks in every corner. But it´s difficult to reach that nowadays. As a child it was easy. You could get away with your invisible friends and creativity came naturally. I always told stories to everyone that was interested in this `other´ world. But after the age of eleven or there about I had to get more in line with society. And that´s ok because it´s really interesting to know the world around you. So much to learn. Fortunately there was also Tolkien that didn´t make me forget this `other´ world.

Learning about the real world can also be very exiting and made me study history and become a teacher for a while. At the moment I´m back studying history again and to see other worlds all the time, different from ours, but yet unmistakable real.

I´m writing poetry to understand and manytimes catch a moment in my life to capture the right atmosphere excactly the way I felt it. I´m afraid that I haven´t reach that goal yet. But hey, I´m still learning.

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