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Roumen Leonidov


Roumen Leonidov was born on 5/17/1953 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated with a degree in Bulgarian Philology. He is the author of the poetry collections “Warning” (1977), “And the Fire Remembered the Spark” (1982), “Big and Small” (1990), “The Inexact Dimensions of Life” (1995), “The Dream of the Salesman” (1997), “End of Mythology” (1997), “Classic Pieces” (2000). He has published three collections outside of Bulgaria – “Stone in the Swamp” (1998), Skopje, Macedonia, “End of Mythology”, Warsaw, Poland, and “With the Tip of the Tongue” (2009), Ljubljana, the Republic of Slovenia.

Dozens of his poems have been aired in the Bulgarian broadcasts of Deutsche Welle. He has been awarded with “Silver Plaque” for the book “Big and Small” in 1995 in Rome, Italy. His poems have been published in the USA, England, Russia, Italy, Hungary, India, Greece, Serbia, Austria, Albania, Ukraine, Moldova, Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia.

He has participated in The World Poetry Festival in Delhi, 1985, The Poetry Days in Tirana, Albania, 1989, The World Poetry Festival in Baghdad, Iraq, 1991, Poetry Festival “Golden Warsaw” in Poland 2000, World Poetry Festivals “Struga 1999” and “Struga 2002” in Macedonia, The Poetry evenings “The Dream on the Soul” in Gevgelia, Macedonia, 2008, and “Holidays of Poetry and Wine”, Ljubljana, Medana, Slovenia, 2008 and 2009.
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