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Rumiana Raykova

Rumy Rayk (a pen-name of Rumiana Raykova) was born on January 10th in Sofia. She has a master’s degree in theology and a master’s degree in virtual culture from Sofia University „St Kliment Ohridski”. She has been publishing her poetry since the age of 13. She made her debut on the poetical scene with the book “Graffiti eyes” at the age of 19. So far she has published 2 poetical and 9 children’s books, such as ‘A winter book”, “Whirling horse”, Rabbits’ crib”, “Christmas bells” and others.

At the moment she is releasing a series named “Stories in rhymes”, Pan’s publishing house. The premiere of the first book of the series – “Kikie the kitten”, was included in the Programme of the literature initiative “Plovdiv is reading’08”, and very soon “Bobby the bear cub” will be on the book market. She is working on her future projects in the sphere of children’s literature and poetry, and her newest interests are in the art-ceramics.

Rumiana’s contributions: