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Violeta Boncheva

Violeta Boncheva is the author of several books in Bulgarian:

Wet Etude
The Mirror
A Summoned Moment
There Will Be No Farewell
Moon’s Navel (bilingual)
Anamnesis (short stories)
The Big Sombrero (bilingual, short stories)

Violeta Boncheva has received numerous awards in Bulgaria, as well as in the USA and Spain.

Her short stories and poems have been included in World Poetry: An Anthology of Verse from Antiquity to Our Time, published in Washington, DC in 2004, as well as in publications in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Greece, and elsewhere. She is a translator and certified teacher of Spanish. Her uttermost life adventure is her three-year stay in Monterrey, Mexico, by invitation of Mexican translator Reynol Reynol Pérez Vázquez and her one-month stay in Leipzig, Germany, invited by German writer Elena Engelbrecht. She loves Spain and Greece.

She is also a member of two writers’ unions.

Violeta’s contributions: