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Virginia Zaharieva


Date of birth: 09.02.L959, in SOFIA.
Mobile: +359 888 814 995
1987 Gave birth to her son Rouben.


1983 – Graduated the University St. Kliment ochridski, Faculty of Bulgarian Literature and Psychology
1998 – 2002 Specialization in Analytical Psychotherapy at the Institute of Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Westdeutsche Akademie, Düsseldorf-Mühlheim, Germany, together with the Medical Academy in Sofia and Sofia University “St. Kliment Ochridski”, International Academy of Exchange and Development of Culture and Science, Lugano, Switzerland.



2000 – Working in the area of individual, group and family therapy
2004 – Team-Building Training Leader for ORIFLAME Company, ENEMONA Company, The Association of Bulgarian Dentists and ACTAVIS Company .
2003 – 2007 Founded the YELLOW HOUSE Spiritual Center for Psychoanalysis, Meditative Techniques and Art – ‘A Place To Rediscover One’s Self”.


Virginia Zaharieva has 30-year experience in all journalist genres: Electronic Media – Radio and TV, publicism and reviews in newspapers and magazines.
2004 – She is the Leader of Psychology of Space rubric at the Brava Casa – a Review for Design and Architecture
1999- 2003 – She is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of P.S. – the first Gender Research magazine for Integration of the Sexes in Bulgaria.
1996 A Specialization at Radio France International in Paris, the Department of Culture and Publicist Emissions
1995- 2003 She takes part in the creation of a local radio station of Radio France International in Sofia, where she started with making the information emissions, and later on moderated the emissions for Gender and Psychoanalytical Review of Modern Art – P.S. Space, as well as an ethnic music radio show.
1993-1994 Made The Music I love musical radio show, as well as the radio feature Elsewhere, combining music, poetry and essayistic, at the Musical Department of Christo Botev Program of Bulgarian National Radio.
1993 Specialized Production and Publicity of Culture Programs at the French National Television in Paris, working with Bernard Pivaut and Bernard Rapp.
1992 – 1993 Working for the Horizon Program of the National Radio as a Reporter and moderating a radio rubric for Literary Critics at the 12+3 radio show.
1989 – 1992 Lived in Paris, writing essays on theater plays and exhibitions for the Bulgarian newspapers and the National Radio.
1984 – 1986 Worked for the Horizon Program of the National Radio as a Reporter.
1982-1984 Lead Actual Antenna TV show on Economic and Social problems at The Bulgarian National Television.
1981 – 1984 Working at the radio show Good Morning at the Christo Botev Program at the National Radio
1979 -1983 During her studies at the University, she worked as a Reporter for Horizon Program of Bulgarian National Radio and Pogled Newspaper.

9 Rabits
This book was very well received by the public and the critics alike. “9 Rabits” is the best selling Bulgarian book in 2008.

Poetry Books:
Quadrille later in the afternoon
The Hen With The Patched Up Eye
The Stone Who Does not Listen to the River
2000 Represented Bulgaria at the European Literary Express Train Project, where 105 European writers traveled, discussed during two months and wrote the Eurobible of 1500 pages. Her participating text was called Russian Bath.
1998 Participated with her texts in a book that is a project by Prof. Atanas Natev, entitled The Island of the Blessed – Five Wars Later.
1996 Appeared her third poetry book Quadrille later in the afternoon
1996 Represented Bulgarian Culture at the Festival East-West in Pau town in France.
1992 Appeared her second poetry book called The Hen With The Patched Up Eye.
Published by the Free Poetic Society.
1992 She founded the Virga publishing house. The Virga Publishing House published Ivan Stanev’s book Massacred natives.
1989 Appeared her first book of poetry titled The Stone Who Does Not Listen To The River at The Bridge dissident publishing house.
She has published poetry and fiction in French, English, German and Russian languages.


Performances, CD-s, expositions, movies:
2007 Music, Words and Vegetables Performance at the Red House – researching the creation and the perishing of language as an expressive tool.
2006 A one-man exhibition at Irida Gallery, entitled The Mercy of Small Mirrors – Installation for People and Mirrors. The relation Man – Image is the center of this exhibition.
2005 Tomato Soup Performance on her poetry at the Red House.
2005 Took part in a Deviation General Art Exposition at Irida Gallery with her Installation for Text and Metronomes – Conversation.
2003 Created a Documentary called Vulnerability – 5 Motions.
2003 Performance at the Mineral Pool in the Central Mineral Bath Building called Vulnerability – 5 Motions, where she used therapeutic and meditative techniques under the form of ‘dance theatre’. The Performance constituted the last and virtual issue of P.S. magazine.
2001 Producer and Author of the Audio CD Bulgarian Natural Sounds
1983 Performed one of the major characters at the Movie Man on the Pavement directed by Hatcho Boyadjiev


2007- Chairman of the Bulgarian Neo-Reichian Therapeutic Society
2002-2004 Member of the Bureau of the Prohelvetia Swiss Cultural Program, responsible for the financing and monitoring of projects in the field of Bulgarian Culture
2001-2002 Member of the Board of Women Program, part of Open Society Foundation. Supported initiatives of NGO-s and Citizen Associations, directed towards equal Gender rights.
2003- Member of the Association of Bulgarian Psychologists and the European Psychologist Association.
1996- Member of the Association of Bulgarian Writers.
1992- Member of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists.

LANGUAGES French, English, Russian.


1968-1978 Swimming competing athlete. Tennis, Ski, Snowboard and Windsurf. Also practicing Academic Rowing and Equestrian sport.

PRACTICES Meditation, Yoga.

Virginia’s contributions: