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Yana Radilova


Yana Radilova was born on 12.02.1992 in Taraklia, Moldova. At the age of six years, she went to live with her family in Nova Zagora, Bulgaria. The elementary school “Paisii Hilendarski” developed in her a great interest in music. From 5th grade up to now she has been studying at the local comprehensive school “Hristo Botev”. Now she is a last year girl and hopes to continue her education in the Sofia University “Sv.Kl.Ohridski”.

With a Russian mother and a father of Bessarabian origin, Yana has been educated to love Bulgaria and Russia equally. In her native town, she learned about the beauty of Bulgarian nature, history and culture, which made her eager for seeing the land of her father’s origin. She first visited Bulgaria at the age of three years, but her dream to live there became reality a couple of years later.

The childhood of Yana was full of different competitions, especially in the field of music and art. She has also taken part in literature competitions, as a result of her love for reading and writing. In the spring of 2008, Yana started writing articles and reports for the local newspaper and was inspired by her editor to be more creative. That’s why she decided to write her own book which is expected to be published at the end of this year.

Having received a special scholarship in the national competition “1000 scholarships”, Yana used the money for a travel to Moldova and Russia. This journey impressed her so much that she wrote travel notes about it and won first prize in the literary contest “Share the moment”. This led her to Tunis and she was amazed by this exotic country.

According to Yana, the key to success is inexhaustible love for life and dreams. Her greatest ambition is to get to know many countries with different cultures, in order to realize her own life. For her, Public Republic is a fantastic journey around the world of interesting people!