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Zdravka Evtimova

Zdravka Evtimova was born in 1959 in Bulgaria. In her native country, she has published several books of fiction.

The novels:

“Your Shadow Was My Home” 1995
“God of Traitors” 1999
“Thursday” 2003
“The Arch” 2007

Short story collections:

“Stories against Loneliness” 1985
“Salt” 1989
“A Tear for a Dime” 1995
“Blood of a Mole” and Other Stories, 2005

Her collection of short stories “Bitter Sky” was published in June 2003 by Skrev Press, UK.
Her short story collection “Somebody Else” was published in 2004 by MAG Press, San Diego, California, USA, and won the Best Short Story Collection by an Established Author Award of MAG Press in 2004.
Her short story collection “Miss Daniela” was published in 2007 by SKREV Press, UK.
Her short story collection “Good Figure, Beautiful Voice” was published by Aste Publishers, USA, 2008.
Her novel “God of Traitors” was published by Books for a Buck publishing, Dallas, Texas, USA in 2007
Zdravka Evtimova’s short story “Vassil” was one of the 15 award winning stories in the BBC world-wide short story competition 2005. In was broadcast by Radio BBC UK in February 2006.
Zdravka Evtimova’s short story “It Is Your Turn” was one of the ten award winning stories, which after a world-wide competition was included in the anthology “Dix auteurs du monde entire” (Ten Writers from All over the world’ In Nantes, France, 2005.

Two of her short stories have been broadcast on Radio BBC – London, on 26 February 2004, in the week of East European fiction.

Zdravka Evtimova’s short story “Blood of a Mole” was included in the US Anthology “New Sudden Fiction” (Best short stories in English under 2000 words published in USA and Canada since 2000 till 2007); and in the anthology “ The Criminal’s Cabinet”, UK, 2006

Her short stories have been published in the USA (Metropole magazine, Antioch Review, In Posse Review, Cauldron, Muse Apprentice Guild, Literary Salt, Dream Forge, Moondance, Mocha Memoirs, Eclectica, Adirondack Review, Summerset Review, in the anthology “The Best Fiction of Eclectica”, Night Train, Lynx Eye, Roman candles review, Plum Ruby Review, Literary Vision magazine, Bellevue Literary Review. AWEN online, Headstorms, Underground Window, Pindeldyboz, Paumanok review, Big Ugly Review, Thieves Jargon, Front Porch Literary Review, Fairfield Review, Xsavier review, Passport Review of Literary Translation, Oklahoma Review etc.);

the UK ( Her short stories have been published in the British literary magazines: Route magazine, Dream Catcher, The Text, New London Writers, Quality Women’s Fiction, NTH position, The Mighty Organ, Cluster magazine, Texts’ Bones, Aesthetica, Birmingham Words, Buzz Words, Red Bridge Review, Carillon Magazine, Bonfire, Chimera, Jack magazine, Grimm magazine etc and in the anthologies “The Fall of the House of Poe” and “The Criminal’s Cabinet), Canada (Lichen, Slingshot, Filling Station, Moth Magazine, Adbusters, Magazine Shiver, Penwomanship, Artistry of Life, Ascent Aspirations Magazine), Australia (Antipodean SF, Gangway, Going Down Swinging, Retort magazine, Skive Magazine ),Germany ( Leipziger Zeitung, Kurzgeschichten – Munich; in 2000, she won the short story competition of Lege Artis Foundation, Leipzig), in France (Lieux d’etre, Fanatique 77), Japan (Kyoto Review, Tokyo Review), India (Taj Mahal International Literary Review, Cerebration online literary review, Argentina (Southern Cross Review; Axxon) Poland, Denmark, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Argentina, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Macedonia, New Zeland, Turkey, Romania, Nigeria, South African Republic, Serbia and Macedonia.

In Bulgaria she has won a number of literary awards including the Gencho Stoev 2004 literary award for a short story by a Balkan Author, the Razvitie Literary Award for best Bulgarian contemporary novel in 2000, Best Bulgarian novel 2003 award of the Union of Bulgarian Writers for her novel “Thursday” etc.

She works as a literary translator from English and German into Bulgarian.

At present, Zdravka Evtimova lives in Brussels, Belgium, with her husband, two sons and her daughter and works as a literary translator.

She speaks and writes English and French excellently, she speaks German and Russian fluently.

Zdravka’s contributions: