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Bulgarian participation in the Spring exhibition of “The Knitting&Stitching Show” in London

April 3, 2015 by · No comments

Dimana Ivanova

The admirers of the “arts and crafts”, knitting and stitching products had the opportunity to gather together again at the exhibition of “The Knitting&Stitching Show” which took part from the 5-th to 8-th of March in the Olympia Hall in Central London. The spectators at the exhibition had the opportunity to admire and see different knitted accessories, hand-made lady’s bags and other “arts and crafts” products as embroidery hats, clothes, curtains.

During the exhibition has taken place several competitions as “The knitting farm competition” and “The National competition of modern textile”. In the first was awarded the work of Debora Ireland “Turkey” and in the second the dress “The structure of Anatomy” of Antonia Fan. In the exhibition took part many companies as “Ann’s Orchard Beadwork”, “Crafty Ribbons”, “Fancy Moon”, “Felt Creative”, “Textile Garden”, “World of Sewing” and many, many others. Among them was also the Italian company of art goblins “Giacobrini” of the Bulgarian, living in London Yoana Hranova.

The goblins of “Giacobrini” are hand made by the sister of Yoana Hranova-Ralitca Hranova. For the British public those goblins were a real pleasure to see and art adventure. Those goblins are made by pictures of famous painters as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarotti, François Boucher, Auguste Rodin and others. The goblins are made so finely and delicately, sublime in the smallest detail, it is sometimes difficult to define which is more real – the original picture or the goblin, made by it. “Giacobrini” is offering different types of goblins with different motive as for example horses, flowers, landscapes, oriental and biblical motives and motives of pictures of famous painters as “Mona Lisa” of Leonardo da Vinci, “The daughter Lavinia” of Tizian and others.

Beside goblin, the company was exhibiting one typically Bulgarian product as embroidered decorative tablecloths. The last product was really new for the British public.

The exhibition “The Knitting&Stitching Show” of March 2015 was a pleasant way to escape to the speedy everyday life in London, especially for the admirers of the knitting, stitching and “arts-and-crafts” products.

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