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Burren Cows

10 August, 2010 от · No comments

Martha Gehringer Photo: flikr On the subject of bad weather the red rough Burren cows are sage: if only to say that in wind like this      that drives the rain     like a whipping you must pull together,                haunch to haunch,                     and bow your heads                          and be.                That simple. Bow your tufted heads                        and                     be.

January Wind

28 July, 2010 от · No comments

Martha Gehringer Photo: Tony the Misfit (Isaiah 58:5) The trees               scrub the winter sky—               scour away the grey—                             and I, I bow my head                        like               a reed.

Ireland: Watching Weather

5 July, 2010 от · No comments

Martha Gehringer Photo: gmehender Velvet blue behind— sheer white before— and rain             like a curtain                          pulled.             The furze                                waves            its fuzzy paw.

Charlie is My Darling

13 April, 2010 от · 2 comments

Katerina Stoykova-Klemer’s interview with poet Dorothy Sutton Dorothy Sutton is the author of Backing into Mountains (Wind Publications). Dorothy Sutton’s work has appeared in Poetry; The Hudson Review; Antioch Review; Prairie Schooner; Virginia Quarterly Review, Poetry Daily web site and others. Her chapbook of poems, Startling Art: Darwin & Matisse, won the Finishing Line Press […]

“Those Years” – the sensation of the past

2 May, 2009 от · No comments

Velina Vateva In every poem lie the histories of its birth. Roger Craik I enter the room where Roger Craik will read his poems and am being welcomed by his smile. Everyone is welcomed by his smile. I now have his volume of poetry “Those Years” and the sensation of the remembering in the stories […]