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Bulgarian Science Fiction Between the East and the West – I

27 March, 2012 от · No comments

Valentin Ivanov Photo: Monroe This article originally appeared on Valentin Ivanov’s bilingual blog and The World SF Blog. I honestly admit it – this post was timed to take advantage of the announcement of the anthology “Diamonds in the Sky”, to try reaching more English-speaking readers, because the SF of my country is confined to […]

New Recognition for Zdravka Evtimova in the UK and USA

16 March, 2012 от · No comments

The two short stories by Zdravka Evtimova: “She Understood” and “The Miracle Maker” (published in the anthology of short stories “Drastic Measures (Short Story Collection)” in the UK in January 2012) inspired the following critical notes on the works of the Bulgarian writer: Again, the idea is a study of where the human mind goes […]

Vladimir Zarev: “Every Book, if It’s Real, Is Directed Towards the Future”

20 February, 2012 от · No comments

Galya Mladenova interviews the writer Vladimir Zarev Translated from the Bulgarian by Maya Mircheva Your novel Destruction has been very well received by both the German media and literary critics. What is your explanation for that? After the end of the Second World War during the subsequent rearranging of the world, natural development was halted […]