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Love Ascends To Heaven (On The Third Day)

22 April, 2009 от · No comments

Chuck Clenney Photo: carbonnyc Sunday Morning, I find myself Reading old love letters Reminiscing of how my hands Remember how your body felt.


7 February, 2009 от · No comments

Elayne Clift Photo: sutto007 Sometimes a place makes you sick. Not because it’s environmentally polluted or contaminated. I don’t mean that. I’m talking about the pollution of the soul, the demise of the spirit. Sometimes a city, a town, a location can make you positively, desperately ill; it can kill you – if not literally, […]


3 October, 2008 от · 1 comment

Kristin Dimitrova Photo: Andrew Turner (The following is an excerpt from a novel) (Some remarks, inconsiderable events and traits of the characters are stolen from reality, but the novel is entirely fictional. A myth, however, is true because of the bigger story it relates, and not because of the costumes the characters wear at every […]