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In Defense of Flannery O’Connor’s Point of View in A Good Man is Hard to Find

23 January, 2009 от · No comments

Joan Gumbs Photo: Flannery O’Connor, responding to a letter from an English Professor, once said, “The meaning of a story … cannot be captured in an interpretation.… If teachers are in the habit of approaching a story as if it were a research problem … then I think student will never learn to enjoy […]

Kirby Gann’s Our Napoleon in Rags

8 January, 2009 от · No comments

Joan Gumbs Photo: alicepopkorn According to Ig Publisher, publishers of Our Napoleon in Rags, Kirby Gann’s novel is a “biting commentary on contemporary America.” Argumentative. Whose commentary is it? Certainly not Gann’s, who, in an interview with Bob Williams from The Compulsive Reader declared, “There’s no specific ‘message’ the novel is trying to put across […]

Shifting and Layering of Tone in Maureen Morehead’s “My Mother Is a Hand”

8 October, 2008 от · 2 comments

Barbara Sabol Photo: Rene Ehrhardt In Maureen Morehead’s “My Mother Is a Hand,” from her collection, A Sense of Time Left, the memory of a childhood visit to the speaker’s grandmother’s house is described, in two voices and from two subtly but significantly different perspectives. The memory of the speaker as a child and, later […]