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On the Discovery of Aspirin

8 June, 2009 от · 4 comments

Rosemary Royston Photo: jenny downing Could it have been a three-day headache — the kind with the relentless throb and slam of the sledgehammer, the sick roll of the eyes, the ache in the base of the neck, that drove someone into the woods shrieking in two parts pain, one part delirium just mad enough […]

Dr. Kara Cooney and a Few More Words About Ancient Egypt

28 March, 2009 от · 14 comments

Vanya Nikolaeva Related to the article The Lost Queen of Egypt Dr. Kara Cooney‘s professional life is devoted to archaeology and Egypt’s history and art. Her first book, The Cost of Death: The Social and Economic Value of Ancient Egyptian Funerary Art in the Ramesside Period was published in 2007. She is working on a […]

The Lost Queen of Egypt

21 March, 2009 от · No comments

Translated from Bulgarian by Mariana Velichkova The civilization of ancient Egypt existed for three thousand years in a flux between periods of stability known as “Kingdoms” and intermediate periods of general instability. According to etymologists the word ’Egypt’ means ‘two straits’ – it relates to the dynasty separation of Upper and Lower Egypt during the […]

Parsley, Sage, Dysfunction, and Thyme

24 September, 2008 от · 4 comments

Donna Ison Photo: Victor Bezrukov It was homemade spaghetti sauce that opened my eyes to the dysfunction that was my childhood—Molly Woodford’s mother’s marinara to be exact. Molly Woodford was in my Brownie troupe. Her cocoa-colored uniform was always whistle clean and smelled of fabric softener. Mine was usually wrinkled and stained and smelled like […]