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He Lives

9 August, 2009 от · No comments

Kristin Dimitrova Photo: striatic It has been years since my disgusting suitor stopped calling. He used to invade my dreams, sometimes holding my hand, pouring his meanness into me.


12 July, 2009 от · No comments

Kristin Dimitrova Photo: tonythemisfit I Every night I look for a door to your dream. I will open it and eavesdrop. Although I have opened many doors behind each one I saw a mirror. II Do you remember how once we posed naked and smiling before the mirror? You and he swapped wives and each […]

The Piano Player

10 July, 2009 от · 1 comment

She could feel the need for fame in her fingertips
as if each print were a map of divine destiny

I’m inspired by nature and unusual weather

29 September, 2008 от · 2 comments

Interview with Evgeni Dinev “Happiness comes with attention to small things” Wilhelm Busch To me, photographer Evgeni Dinev is a happy person – an artist who, through his favorite passion, captures the beauty and the uniqueness of small things, rediscovers them and shows their charm and individuality.