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Bansko Jazz 2010 – The band Eftekasat

28 September, 2010 от · No comments

Interview with the band Eftekasat by Dessislava Berndt The International Jazz Festival in Bansko is one of the biggest summer musical events in Bulgaria and one of the foremost international cultural happenings in the Balkans. Since its foundation in 1998 the festival has been held every year from August 8th to 13th in the small […]

Multimedia Box: Jean Michel Jarre and Lights In Egypt

30 June, 2009 от · 5 comments

Jean Michel Jarre is one of the most popular composers and performers of electronic music. His concerts are impressive productions of light. His album Oxygene is one of the most successful albums worldwide. This clip is part of his concert in Egypt on the eve of 2000, The Twelve Dreams of the Sun, which celebrated […]

Dr. Kara Cooney and a Few More Words About Ancient Egypt

28 March, 2009 от · 14 comments

Vanya Nikolaeva Related to the article The Lost Queen of Egypt Dr. Kara Cooney‘s professional life is devoted to archaeology and Egypt’s history and art. Her first book, The Cost of Death: The Social and Economic Value of Ancient Egyptian Funerary Art in the Ramesside Period was published in 2007. She is working on a […]

The Lost Queen of Egypt

21 March, 2009 от · No comments

Translated from Bulgarian by Mariana Velichkova The civilization of ancient Egypt existed for three thousand years in a flux between periods of stability known as “Kingdoms” and intermediate periods of general instability. According to etymologists the word ’Egypt’ means ‘two straits’ – it relates to the dynasty separation of Upper and Lower Egypt during the […]