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Artist of the Week — Simeon Kondev

27 February, 2012 от · No comments

An Interview with Artist Simeon Kondev by Jasmina Tacheva Could you tell us a little about yourself? You were born in Burgas, Bulgaria, and “raised in various places in the United States”. How did each of these places shape your artistic interests, ideas and style? I immigrated to the United States when I was very […]

Artist of the Week – Vladimir Kush

1 November, 2010 от · 22 comments

Interview with Vladimir Kush by Galya Mladenova Vladimir Kush was born in 1965, in a small one-story wooden house on the northern edge of Moscow. Kush was a prodigy, showing artistic ability since he was three or four-years-old. At the age of seven, concurrent with general education, Vladimir began to attend art school until the […]

Artist of the Week – Peter Dahmen

30 March, 2010 от · 8 comments

An interview with the graphic designer Peter Dahmen by Sandra Schmidt Translation from German to Bulgarian: Elisaveta Baltova From Bulgarian to English: Asya Draganova Peter Dahmen brings paper to life… Where did the idea to create pop-up books come from? When I was a child the books with pop-up illustrations impressed me a lot. I […]