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First Week of January

4 February, 2010 от · 3 comments

Leatha Kendrick Photo: slingshots+meo remalante A day at home, no big news. Alone, with CNN and tea, stiff bones of the Christmas tree, ravenous for unsweet things. After the gush of singing, unsought treats and gifts, it’s time to pay. A rush to Returns’ endless line. A fine for late-mailed, past-due bills. It’s back to […]


1 March, 2009 от · No comments

Valentin Krustev Photo: Mariana Velichkova This crimson tassel stands for blood— May yours gallop safe and sound! The threads of white are blinks of good that everyone can find around. Just wear it indoors and out, until you see the first green sprout. Then hang it on a budding branch and good will launch its […]

St. Valentine’s Day – the day resisting pathos

14 February, 2009 от · 3 comments

Velina Vateva Photo: Andrew Stawarz We freely speak of dreams We marvel at what they conceal But in my wonderworld Each sleeping vision is so real So I believe and hope That all the things I see May one day bring Such truth and peace As we can feel Wonderworld, Uriah Heep The day is […]