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A Year Ago…

20 December, 2011 от · 1 comment

Klara Barcic Memories are timeless. And precious. They are locked in our hearts for ever and we can think and talk about them at any time. And what is even more important, no one can take them away from us. They are part of our being, and as memories are like that, it is good […]

An Interview with Sigitas Parulskis by Klara Barcic

16 October, 2011 от · 1 comment

An interview with Sigitas Parulskis by Klara Barcic (Vilnius, August 25, 2011) Photo by Klara Sigitas Parulskis, a Lithuanian contemporary poet, playwright, essayist, novelist and translator, who has translated into Lithuanian works of A. Chekhov, D. Charms, L. Andreyev, J. Brodskij, O. Mandelshtam, V. Yerofeyev, D. Gorchov, A. Turgenev and S. Shepard among others, was […]